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Coaxial Cable

To effectively handle all coaxial cables - and specifically any FAKRA connector, Mecal has perfected a three-stage process - based on our COAXIAL MRSP applicator - which takes place on three different machines, with the aim of making the system flexible and interchangeable with reference to the different wire sections and terminal types.


  1. Press used: PSCM107
    Cycle starting:by means of a dedicated sensor
    Operations performed : wire zero-cutting, insulation stripping, crimping of the sleeve.

  2. Press used: PSCM107
    Cycle starting: by means of a dedicate sensor
    Operations performed : wire zero-cutting, spreading of the wire braid back, cutting of the aluminum shield, stripping of the dielectic, crimping of the central pin (straight male & female, 90°)

  3. Press used: P107C
    Cycle starting: by means of a dedicated sensor, granting also the presence and precise positioning of the INNER CONTACT within the OUTER one
    Operations performed : crimping of the outer contact (straight male & female, 90°)
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