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Almost forty years ago I felt that my passion for mechanics, my enthusiasm for new challenges and the drive to experiment with forefront technologies were supposed to coalesce into something gratifying and long-lasting. This is why, not exactly light-hearted, I left my very good employment to set up Mecal Srl. Since then and within a relatively short time, we witnessed some dramatic changes in economics, all the way to the so called global market. Comparing today's technologies, manufacturing and communication systems, transportation means to what was available in 1976 it really highlights how dramatic the changes and the challenges have been. I believe that not to be afraid of changes and to adapt quickly to the ever changing operating conditions has perhaps been the key to our modest success. On the other hand, some rules haven't changed over the time, defining our professional behavior, our passion for our job and our great care for both our product and Customers.


In a nutshell, this might be my personal and my company's commitment : to keep offering - to whoever helped us growing and to whoever we'll be lucky enough to help growing - only the best in terms of product, quality, service, innovation and technology..


Our History

Established in 1976 by its present President, Luigi Aluffo, with the aim of supplying the wire harness industry with the best crimping equipment available, in roughly forty years Mecal has reached and kept a respected position at the top of its market, as confirmed by the turnover progression that topped 18 M/Euro in 2008, 85% of which sold abroad. Our products are extensively used by the automotive, communication and IT (information technology) industry, and wherever a high quality connection is called for. Situated in the middle of the most industrially developed part of the Country - at the same distance from Milan, Turin and Genova - Mecal operates out its fully owned 5.000 Fubine plant, 110 skilled employing and very modern and rational production structure. Furthermore, Mecal supports its Customer base with two manufacturing plants in Brasil and the U.S.A. and the branch offices in Mexico, China and Philippines. Since the beginning Mecal has always strove to improve the overall quality, investing heavily in new technologies, in the best machine tools available and in management and staff training. Well defined targets, motivated staff and state of the art production means: this is the key to Mecal's worldwide success.


Our Goals

In the early '70s, when in charge of the maintenance department of an important harness maker for the Fiat Group, Mecal's current President, unimpressed by what then available, came to the conclusion that it was possible to build a better crimping equipment. To prove it, he founded Mecal, with the only aim of manufacturing the best crimping equipment available: overall quality, state of the art technology, innovative solutions, reasonable prices, painstaking after sale service have been the company's cornerstones and to this day - after close to 40 years - the aim has not changed. The technical and technological evolution over the company's lifetime has changed our products a lot, but what has not changed is our mission. With the same determination that drove Luigi Aluffo in the very beginning, him and his company are still pursuing the same aim: we are still trying to offer to the market crimping equipment designed with skill, manufactured with care and supported with competence. It might not be much, but at Mecal it is the reason for its own existence.


Manufacturing Philosophy

It is easy to agree if one says that an unquestionable quality can only be achieved if every manufacturing step take place within the Company's premises. This is why Mecal's machine shop is equipped with all the specific machine tools needed to manufacture every single component of our products: spark erosion, CNC horizontal and vertical milling, CNC lathes and all the special machines needed to accurately finish our perishables. Every component is dimensionally checked with our coordinate 3-axis measuring machine, and also the chroming and other surface treatments are done in house. But the overall final quality is just one of the advantages of doing everything in house, the other being our very short reaction time not only in following the inputs we receive from the market, but also reacting to an emergency, manufacturing for instance a component overnight. As expected, our manufacturing management system closely monitors every single manufacturing step of any component at any given time, allowing for a strict quality control, a better production planning and, should the need arise, to trace back every single part. Beside the machine shop, there are two assembly lines, one for the crimping dies and one for the crimping presses, and everything has been certified by the German TUV in 1994, when it granted us the ISO 9001 Quality Control System certification.


Quality & Certifications

Total quality has been Mecal's target since the beginning, and we strongly believe that our efforts to grant our customers the highest quality, both in our products and after sale services, have been the most important reason behind the succes achieved.


ISO 9001 certified since 1994, Mecal has been ISO 14001 certified in 2004.


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