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New Mecal's Website

It's online Mecal's new website, entirely revised both graphically and in its contents. The new website has been structured to be clear and react quickly, with all the relevant informations and data always a few strokes away and of course accessible with any mobile device.


Each product category is clearly described, but it's now possible - starting from a crimping sample - to find whatever is needed to replicate it or to obtain any specific outcome. Mecal's worldwide distributors network can be easily accessed while the Customers Area - beside having a more powerful drive - has been graphically improved. Customers are kindly requested to contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to obtain a new password (the structure of files and folders hasn't been changed).
Mecal Homepage


Bad Crimp Cutter / Carrier Strip Cutter

The BCC/CSC, Bad Crimp Cutter/Carrier Strip Cutter, is a sole electro pneumatic device which chops the terminal carrier strip and cuts any faulty crimped wire. The BCC function is activated when connected with the TT1000 CFA (Crimp Force Analyzer). When the CFA detects an error, the BCC pliers hold the wire and the BCC blades chop the wire just outside the crimped terminal. The wire can be therefore stripped and crimped again, avoiding that faulty crimps are released for assembling and saving the cost of scrapping a wire. The picture shows the BCC/CSC without the electro-pneumatic wiring, coupled with a R applicator, installed on a demo press base plate.



Coaxial Cable

To effectively handle all coaxial cables - and specifically any FAKRA connector, Mecal has perfected a three-stage process - based on our COAXIAL MRSP applicator - which takes place on three different machines, with the aim of making the system flexible and interchangeable with reference to the different wire sections and terminal types.



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